New innovation "Breast cancer" with precision medicine (Prec

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New innovation "Breast cancer" with precision medicine (Prec

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer and the number one cause of death among Thai women and women worldwide. Interesting is Breast cancer patients in Thailand are often younger than patients in the West. The highest average age is 49-51 years, which is different from the Western countries which are often found in women over 60. It is also more likely to be found in young or pre-menopausal patients. Any Young breast cancer patients tend to superslot have a more advanced type of cancer and have a worse prognosis than breast cancer in older women. There are clearly different etiologies, pathogenesis and genetic traits.
The treatment of this group of breast cancer patients is most effective. Need to rely on new diagnostic and therapeutic approach Despite the past, breast cancer is one of the cancers that have developed a relatively good treatment. But there are still a handful of patients who are unresponsive to treatment. Causing the cancer to spread back It was repeated and spread until death.
Professor Dr. Pornchai Ochareonrat, Head of Breast Center Med Park Hospital And a breast cancer surgeon Chaopraya Hospital Surgical specialist and innovative research In the treatment of breast cancer And graduated from world-class medical institutions including Royal Marsden Hospital, Institute of Cancer Research, London, England and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA. Discussed the latest treatment for breast cancer patients. Especially in young or pre-menopausal groups in Thailand that it is necessary to use the so-called approach. "Precision medicine)
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