"Cat hair allergy" symptoms, causes, symptoms and methods of

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"Cat hair allergy" symptoms, causes, symptoms and methods of

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Cat hair allergies are caused by allergens that come from the slotxokiss cat's saliva and skin. Which, when inhaling such substances, may cause an allergic reaction And the allergen particles can get stuck on clothes. This may be the reason why people who do not have cats may also have cat hair allergies.
Symptoms of cat hair allergy Is swelling and itchy tissues around the eyes and nose In some cases, there may be a rash on the face, neck or upper chest.
Not petting a cat is the best way to prevent a hair allergy. But if it cannot be avoided Should choose to prevent allergic reactions, such as cleaning and vacuuming the house area to get rid of cat hair. And other allergens
International Fund for Animal Welfare (International Fund for Animal Welfare) determined that August 8 of each year is the International Cat Day or World Cat Day since 2002 with the aim of today to raise awareness about cats. At the same time, cats are pets that can improve their sanity. Relieve stress and anxiety And even depression But there are many breeders who develop cat allergies.

Dr. Surasarit Khaola-or, MD, an allergist and clinical immunologist at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, identified cat allergies as one of the most common allergic reactions. According to the survey, nearly a third of Americans are allergic. Have allergies to cats and dogs And it was found that there were twice as many people with cat allergies than those with dog allergies, while Thai people in 2018 were collected data in allergy clinics. Ramathibodi Hospital found that Thai people are 12.9% allergic to cats and 10% allergic to dogs.

Identifying the cause of the allergy Can be difficult That's because inside the house there are other allergens like dust mites, which cause similar allergic reactions. It's a pretty tough one for pet lovers. To have to admit that the domestic cat is causing health problems. Many people still choose to live with their beloved pets in the home. Instead of avoiding or moving pets further away from them

Causes of cat hair allergies
Cat hair allergies can be caused by allergens from the cat's saliva and skin. This is because the allergens may be attached to the cat's fur while the cat licks itself. Then the feathers may rise in the air Which when we inhale such substances, it may cause allergic reactions. Because pet allergen particles can get attached to clothing. Our furniture and mattresses That may be the reason why people who do not have cats may also have cat hair allergies.

Cat hair allergy
Common symptoms of cat allergies There will be swelling and itching of the tissues around the eyes and nose. Often leads to inflammation of the eyes In some cases, there may be a rash on the face, neck, or upper chest.In addition, some people experience itchy nose, frequent sneezing, and runny nose after coming into contact with these allergens from cats.

For people with asthma Contact with cats should be avoided. Because there is a chance that the symptoms will be more severe In case the allergens in the cat hair slip into the trachea. The allergens stimulate certain antibodies on the surface of certain white blood cells. This causes dyspnea, coughing and wheezing, which are exacerbations of acute asthma. And is another cause of chronic asthma as well, with information that 30% of people with asthma. May have worsened symptoms when exposed to cats. Therefore, should consult an allergist for correct treatment.

Diagnosis of cat hair allergies
There are two ways: a blood test. And a skin prick test, the latter method provides quick results and costs less than the first method.

Certain medications that people take may interfere with skin tests. Therefore, an allergist should be consulted before the test.

How to prevent cat hair allergies
Not petting a cat is the best way to prevent a hair allergy. But if it cannot be avoided There are options to reduce allergic reactions as follows

Avoid keeping cats indoors Especially in the bedroom
Always wash your hands after touching the cat.
If carpeting in your home, remove the carpet to reduce the build-up of allergens and cat hair.
Install an air purifier in the house Especially the bedroom
Always clean the air filter. And change when due
Vacuum the inside of the house at least once a week. Including the cat's toys and bedding And should use a mask to cover the nose while dusting And clean it too
Choose furniture made of leather, not fabric. For ease of cleaning
Bathe your cat at least once a week. And brush the cat's hair every day To reduce lint and dust that has accumulated
Exercise regularly At least 150 minutes per week to keep the body healthy.
For people with asthma Use a nasal spray or throat spray. To help prevent relapse But if symptoms do not improve It should urgently see a doctor to treat allergy symptoms as soon as possible.
Before any animal, whether it is a dog, cat, bird, rat, rabbit, you should study carefully for each type of animal So that we can understand the nature of the animals And be sure that we will feed them well and be happy. Because we too will get happiness from raising him as well More importantly, if you want to adopt him Should be fed with responsibility, should not be thrown away or neglected until it becomes a burden for others.
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