8 things about "Airplane safety" that you may not have known

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8 things about "Airplane safety" that you may not have known

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Did you know that planes have a lot of safety designs for passengers? And some things can be noticed too Only people may not know when any emergency will be able to take advantage!
1.Yellow hook Emergency hero
In an emergency where the pilot must land on the water The yellow hook on the wings of the aircraft is provided for securing the rope. This is to allow passengers to maintain stability while exiting the aircraft, especially when landing on water surfaces. Hooks and ropes are also useful to aid in the attachment of the air cushion. So as not to sway as the passenger slides down with

2. Airplane has no oxygen tanks.
Did you know that there is no oxygen on the plane? Because it is too heavy and too large for use. But above our seats, there is an oxygen concentrator that contains chemicals including Sodium Chlorate, Barium Peroxide and Potassium Perchlorate, all of which do chemical reactions as we pull the oxygen mask over the nose and mouth. To produce oxygen for us to breathe during an emergency.

3.Fireproof seat
The passenger seat is more useful than you think. Because it is made of fire-resistant materials, the chances of survival are higher in the event of a fire. After three astronauts were killed by fire while conducting a landing mission in 1967, mainly due to the capsule spacecraft contained only flammable materials. Including seat cushions containing foam

After the United States Aviation Federation (FAA) passed strict regulations on the safety of fire-resistant passenger seats in 1984, it appears that each year it can save 20-25 passengers as a result of the seats. Not combustible When there is a fire on the plane

4. Triangular mark in black / red
If you see a black triangle Which can sometimes be red inside the side wall of the passenger compartment So you're sitting in a seat known as "William Shatner's Seat," a character in the 1963 series The Twilight Zone, which sees the Kremlin on the wings of an airplane.

The markings were made to mark the crew that the windows at the seats were the best possible locations for the wings of the aircraft. If there is any abnormal situation, it can easily be examined for the problem.

5.A small hole in the window
Anyone sitting by a window should have noticed a small hole at the bottom of an airplane window. The hole is called the "Bleed Hole", which is useful for adjusting the pressure level of the window. Because the air pressure in the cabin and outside are very different. It is the reason that the glass has been damaged to explode if it is a general window.

As a result, the glass windows must have three layers, with the outermost pressure being the most. While the central panel, which has a hole It is responsible for safeguarding the passenger compartment by pressure instead of in the event that the outer layer is damaged. The innermost floor is a safety glass to protect the passengers in the machine, and the small holes that absorb moisture on the glass. Therefore does not cause fog or fog on the glass

6. Dimming in the cabin
If it's a night flight Before take off or land The interior of the cabin is dimmed down. And the crew will instruct passengers to open the window in order to allow their eyes to acclimatize the darkness. In the event of an emergency that requires evacuating passengers This will allow the passenger's eyes to quickly get used to the dark outside.

7. Bathroom door
Did you know? Crew can open the bathroom door at any time, even if it is locked inside. Which is under the LAVATORY sign that is attached outside the toilet There will be a latch that can unlock the bathroom door hidden. This allows the crew to open the door to help passengers in the event of an emergency.

8. ashtray
Even airlines have regulations to ban smoking in the toilets. U.S. airlines have banned smoking since the 1980s, and anyone who violates it will face a fine of $ 25,000.

Still, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all aircraft to have ashtrays in the toilets. To prevent possible fire. Since the garbage that is thrown into the litter box, such as toilet paper and sanitary napkins, are all easily flammable, so if someone violates the bathroom smoking And throwing away the cigarette butts that are not completely extinguished can cause a fire บาคาร่า
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