Electric trains may have a lower price. After the constructi

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Electric trains may have a lower price. After the constructi

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In the past, technology has been invented to reduce fuel consumption. And help to create a trend to use electric cars, however, there is a limit. Is that the motor vehicle will have to be charged the battery often

Such technical issues are more clear. When the driver has to travel long distances Inventors slotxo then use their knowledge of engineering. Develop a road that helps to charge the car's battery. When the car is in transit

First developer of electric charging roads It is a Swedish company called Elways, which has partnered with several partners. Under a project called eRoadArlanda

Elways CEO Hans Saell started the eRoadArlanda five years ago, he said. A 15cm wide rail for electric charging is attached. Which cars were used for testing There are tools that receive automatic signals from the road with this electric fueling system.

And when acknowledging the signal A special mechanical arm will protrude from under the car. Come and experience the rails on the street to recharge.

In the trial of trucks equipped with special systems Can travel a distance of 2 kilometers on a built-in electric charging road.

This approach allows drivers to avoid worrying about the point of recharging electricity. Because the rail system is attached to the road and can automatically communicate with the vehicle.

Another advantage is If building a road that can charge batteries widely. The size of the battery does not have to be as large as today's electric vehicles. And that could help lower electric car prices in the future.

For the cost of building a road to recharge electricity Will be approximately $ 1 million per kilometer.

Hans Saell said it would take another five to ten years for the technology from the project to be widely adopted.

Another company that is developing battery-powered road technology is Qualcomm Technologies Inc, a system called Halo.

Qualcomm's technology is characterized by wireless charging, that is, roads have a surface area. Can add batteries to the car When a vehicle passes through the road surface with Halo technology dynamic charging.

Qualcomm said the technology's power output is 20 kilowatts when the vehicle runs at highway speeds.

After 1,000 hours of testing, Qualcomm introduced the technology last year on a 100-meter road in France.

And at showing potential at that time Cars are getting more electric power while driving forwards and backwards.
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