Be a fashionista with fashionable blazers!

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Be a fashionista with fashionable blazers!

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Be a fashionista with fashionable blazers!
We all love blazers! Every woman should have a pair of beautiful blazers in their wardrobe. They can make any attire look edgy and classy.
Though most women consider blazers as formal wear. But that’s not the case, always. You can pair blazers with casual wear. They will make a regular outfit look polish and stylish.
You can buy fashion blazers and style them with different looks and accessories.
·       Fashion blazers add layers to any outfit, making it look more stylish.
·       Fashion blazers can help you downside the problem areas anytime you feel uncomfortable.
·       Fashion blazers go with almost most outfits.
·       Fashion blazers can add instant look and style when paired with any regular outfit.
·       Fashion blazers make you look polish and sophisticated.
Tips to style your blazers
 Statement earrings: Earrings can do a lot for your outfit. Whenever you are wearing blazers, choose a statement piece of earring depending on the occasion,

Wear them with denim: Blazers with denim jeans gives a polish vibe and is perfect for meetings or important office days.
Pointed boots: Pair your fashion blazers with pointed boots and a handbag, and you are set to create a style statement.
Sneakers: If you want a laid-back look with blazers, try it in with sneakers and witness the casualness in the look.

Silk scarves: You can easily accessorize it with silk scarves for a more classy look.
Prints: Nowadays, you will get different types of textured blazers, and they look amazing when worn with the right attire.
Play with different styles and designs of blazers. At Prestarrs, you get an unlimited stock of blazers to pair with your outfit each day.
Women cardigans to enjoy this fall with style!
I don’t like cardigans - says none! Cardigans are a staple for the fall and the winters. You can wear it anywhere any day! Paired the right way, women's cardigans can be a fashion statement!
 Tips for styling your cardigan:
 Layer up:  layer up your stylish cardigan over slim turtleneck and tights and witness your admirers going “ohhhhh!”
Colors:  2020 is all about bright oversized cardigans. 
 Embellishment: If you want that “extra,” look for cardigans with embellishment and festive buttons.
 Style: There are many ways to style your cardigan. For example: wear an oversized cardigan like a beautiful sweater dress. You can find various styles of cardigans at Prestarrs. 
Don’t settle- Why settle for one when you can wear two?
 There are innumerable ways to style women's cardigans! Therefore style it any way you want and embrace yourself with fashion and couture. 
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