Home treatment tips Treat your skin like a clinic

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Home treatment tips Treat your skin like a clinic

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Doing home treatments Is another good option That is suitable for girls That wants to relax the skin But don't want to go out Will be for reasons because it is inconvenient Or because they are worried about the COVID-19 outbreak situation Who are not very confident Which today we have brought some tips about making home treatments to leave What do you have to do?
Clipped 1: Cleaning and exfoliation
Let's start with tip # 1, which is about cleaning and exfoliation. In this section, there are 5 steps of cleansing and exfoliation as follows:
Before washing your face, you should collect your hair and keep all hair off your face. Prevents the hair from growing on the face. For convenience to wash your face
2. Wash your face with a gentle cleansing soap.
Wash your face with warm water. And choose to use soap or gentle cleansing foam Washing your face at this stage should wash off all makeup.
3. Scrub your face
Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells. Helps reduce dark circles on the face. And adjust the facial skin to be radiant
4. Wash your face and blot it dry.
After exfoliation To wash your face again By using a small towel moistened with warm water and wiping the face. To ensure that there is no residue from the facial scrub Along with the face to dry. Tip 2 Cleaning pores.
The second tip is about cleaning the pores on your face. Which will have a total of 4 steps as follows
1. Open pores with steam.
Steaming the pores can be done by pouring boiling water over a bowl. Then lower your head over the bowl. Which should be used a towel to cover your head to trap steam into the skin. It takes about 5 minutes to bake.
2. Face masks
In the face masking section You can mask it according to your own preferences. Whether using a mask or clay mask or various creams, it takes about 15 minutes to complete the mask.
3.Eye masks
While waiting for the mask for 15 minutes, mask the skin around the eyes. We recommend using thin slices of chilled cucumbers or tomatoes. Or you can choose to use it as a chilled tea bag as well. These methods are great for adding radiance to the skin around the eyes.
4. Wash your face and dry your face.
Finish off your home treatment by washing your face with warm water. To clear things That is on the surface This will help prevent clogging later. Continue using a small towel soaked in cold water. And put it on the page Followed by gently pressing the cloth In order to fully contact the skin And finish with a dry lining
How are you doing? After knowing the steps in doing home treatments that we have come together today. It can be seen that each step is not complicated or complicated at all. In any case, do not forget to follow along. Ensure that the facial skin is xo online certainly nourished just like the treatment at the clinic.
5. Massage the face, followed by skin care.
The final step of the cleansing and exfoliation is a facial massage. Which this process makes the blood circulate better Recommend to massage the face before applying the skincare. Will produce more good results
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