How to eat "carbohydrates" not to get fat

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How to eat "carbohydrates" not to get fat

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Thought that many people would have thought that If you want to lose weight, you must refrain from eating flour. Or carbohydrates, but there is actually a way that we can eat carbohydrates that make it less fat.
From the information in the book "Miracle of anti-aging food" of Khun Salaya Kongsomboonvech stated that carbohydrates are not just rice and flour only. But including all kinds of rice products that provide energy Starchy vegetables (corn, taro, pumpkin potato, millet), fruit, fruit juice, flavored milk, sugar of all kinds. And all the desserts as well
Eating foods that provide the right energy to control weight. And to protect yourself from obesity, there must be techniques, especially eating carbohydrate foods as follows
Eat only carbs
Although eating too much carbohydrates can accumulate as excess energy for the body, pg if we abstain or do not eat carbohydrates at all. Will be even more harmful to the body Because the body needs carbohydrates as a basic energy. In the case of eating too much Carbohydrates are converted into fat that accumulates around the belly. Therefore, if you want to reduce accumulated fat Optimizing the proportion of eating carbohydrates in meals Would be better than abstaining from eating Or absolutely flour Which is way too extreme But should limit the amount of carbohydrates in each meal. And choose good carbs as follows
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